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The Russian museum

One of the world’s largest collections of Russian art is located inside the Mikhailovsky Palace.

During your private tour, we will focus on the main trends and styles of Russian art from the Icons to the 20th c. avant-guard and Soviet Realism.

We will dwell on the main trends and styles of visual art in Russia: focus on the most important images and symbols of the icons, explain the origin of the main trends of the 18-19th c. art, such as academic art, the “Wanderers”, realism and landscape school, religious and historic genres. We will also focus on the radical theories and experiments of the beginning of 20th c. avant-guard, and explain the basics of Soviet realism and underground art artistic language.


We will not only show you the works of the most outstanding artists, but also try to put everything into the culture and historic context and explain connections between Russian and Western European artistic tendencies.

We will work out special routing based on your personal interest!

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