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City Highlights Tour

The City Highlights Tour is a must for all first-time visitors. No need to worry about hiking all over the city to see everything; on this relaxing tour, you can take a leisurely drive around the city centre and see all of the major sites and monuments. Throughout the tour, you will learn a lot about the history, architecture, and arts of St. Petersburg. Additionally, we can provide you with some practical tips and advice on how to best experience the life of the city. Photo stops can be taken where possible.

The driving tour includes a drive by:

  • Nevsky Prospect
  • The Admiralty
  • Palace Square and Hermitage
  • The Spit of Vasilievsky Island (optional photo stop)
  • St. Isaac’s Square -a monument to Nicholas I (optional photo stop)
  • The Sphinxes and Academy of Fine Arts (optional photo stop)
  • The Bronze Horseman - a monument to Peter the Great
  • Field of Mars and Michael’s Castle
  • Cruiser “Aurora” (optional photo stop)
  • The log cabin of Peter the Great
  • The Mariinsky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet Theater
  • Yusupov’s Palace
  • Summer Gardens
  • Smolny Convent (if the traffic allows during the week)

Optional visit inside at the following locations:

  • Kazan Cathedral (no fee)
  • Peter and Paul’s Fortress and Cathedral (entrance fee required)
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral (entrance fee required)
  • The Church on the Spilled Blood (entrance fee required)
  • St. Nicholas’s Church (no fee)
  • The Synagogue (no fee)

If it is your first-time visit to St. Petersburg we recommend combining this tour with an inside visit to 3 of the most famous sights in St. Petersburg:

Peter and Paul’s Fortress and Cathedral

St. Isaac’s Cathedral 

The Church on the Spilled Blood


If you want to get in touch with everyday life of St. Petersburg, you can combine City Highlights tour with a visit to:


Farmers’ Food Markets:

Experience St. Petersburg like a local by visiting a Farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets have been popular since Soviet times and offer a variety of foods beyond what’s offered in the local supermarkets. Here you can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and many other home-made and local products as well as exotic goods from neighboring Central Asian and European countries. Vendors do their best to tempt you into buying by offering you bites of their best products and discounts on their ‘high quality’ goods. Try your hand at bartering with the vendors in this exciting out-of-the-box adventure.




St. Petersburg Metro/Subway         

In St. Petersburg, not only are metros fast and efficient, but they are also works of art. Many of the typical Soviet-designed metro stations offer their own unique design and story.

Russian metro stations are renowned for being the deepest, most beautiful and elegant metro stations in the world and were designed by some of the country’s best architects.

During your stay in St. Petersburg, take the time to appreciate the beauty found not only in the city, but beneath the city as well.




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