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Is  the only one from Imperial palaces around St.Petersburg not to be captured by Nazis during the Great Patriotic War.

It is the oldest of the suburban palaces founded by Prince Menshikov, Peter the Great's favourite. After Menshikov's downfall and death, Oranienbaum was presented by Empress Elizabeth to her nephew, the future Peter III. Peter made Oranienbaum his official summer residence and had there a small palace and fortress built.The fortress was destroyed in 19th c. but the palace survived.

p>  This peculiar ensemble, called Petershtadt, was mostly demolished during Pavel's reign. Antonio Rinaldi, the Italian-born architect who also designed the Grand Palace at Gatchina and the Marble Palace in St. Petersburg, was commissioned by Peter in 1758 to build a modest stone palace next to the fortress, and this has survived.


The most peculiar building of Oranienbaum is definitely the Chinese palace. Built by Antonio Rinaldi between 1762 and 1768, it was the first major building project to be ordered by Catherine the Great to serve as her private dacha it was built by Antonio Rinaldi  and is considered one of the rare examples which combines  Rococo style with Chinoiserie interiors.

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