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Museum tours

Peter and Paul Fortress

See one of the oldest symbols of St.Petersburg,the burial place of nearly all Russian Royal family and former high security political jail..

St.Isaac's Cathedral

Magnificent cathedral decorated with mosaics,paintings and marbles.

See one of the most spectacular city views from the observation ground..

The Church on the Spilled Blood

One of the top attractions designed in the Neo-Russian style and decorated by 7.000 sq.m of mosaics..

The Hermitage

One of the largest museums in the world with the collection of nearly 3 million items located inside historic buildings,one of them - the Winter Palace,the former winter residence of the Royal family...

The Russian museum

See all the main trends and styles of Russian art from 13th c. Icons to the 20th c.avant-guard and Soviet Realism...

Yusupov Palace

Perhaps,the most famous among the aristocratic palaces of the city.

See the unique interiors,learn the facts and legends surrounding the murder of Rasputin which took place in the palace in 1916...

Political History Museum

The museum's collection embraces all changes of political life of the country from the Russian Empire to the Revolution of 1917.

The building was turned by Bolsheviks into one of their headquarters and still retains a study where Lenin worked...

Cabin of Peter the Great

This log cabin where Peter the Great lived in 1703-1708 is the only wooden building to be preserved in the city since that time..

Cruiser Aurora

After the gun of the cruiser fired a blank shot which was a signal for revolutionaries to storm the Winter Palace,the cruiser Aurora beсame one of the main symbols of Revolution of 1917...

The Siege of Leningrad Memorial

Impressive monument unveiled in 1975 and devoted to to the 900-day Siege of Leningrad...

Museum of the History of St. Petersburg in Rumyantsev Estate

A major part of the exhibition of this museum is devoted to the heroic Siege of Leningrad in 1941-1944...

St. Alexander Nevsky Monastery

During the tour of the monastery you will visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the city's most famous cemtery where Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky, Musorgsky and other famous writers,musicians and artists are buried...

Pushkin Memorial Museum

In this apartment located in "glamorous" part of the city,the most celebrated Russian poet lived and died after the dramatic duel...

Dostoevsky Memorial Museum

The museum occupies the apartment where Dostoevsky lived in 1878 - 1881.You will see the reconstruction of the writer's family home and the exhibition devoted to his life and works..

Erarta (The Museum of Contemporary Art)

This is the biggest non-governmental museum of contemporary art in Russia..

The Central Navy Museum

The largest in Russia museum of Navy..

Museum of Artillery

The museum has the best in Russia collection of artillery and arms including the special exhibition devoted to Kalashnikov...

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